For Sale

Prospero Bottle Line, Koseme Labeler,

Bottle Packer Machine, Bottle Depallitizer

Our Brewery has converted to 100% cans. We are selling our complete bottling line exquipment that has served us well and is in full working condition.  We prefer to sell all units together but will entertain seperate offers for each piece of equipement. Details below on each equipment.  For more information please email Tod Melynyk at

Prospero Bottle Filler

Model 5003- BIER Year 1998

The 5003 Bier monobloc is an automatic machine for in-line rinsing, de-aerating, filling and capping of bottles of different sizes.  It is formed by a rinsing station with 20 clamps, an isobaric filling station fitted with 16 taps, and a capping station comprising 3 crown capping heads.  The monobloc can cate for a maximum of 1,900 liters per hour.  its output can be adjusted electronically from the control panel.

Comes with all additional parts purchased over the years to fit various bottle size.  We have filled 330ml, 355ml, 650ml and 750ml bottles on this line.

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Kosme Bottle Labler Machine

KOSME pic 1.jpg

Label machine has ability to apply neck, back and front labels to bottles.  We have used to apply lables to multiple size bottles from 330ml to 355ml to 650ml bottles

KOSME pg 2.jpg
KOSME 3.jpg

Bottle Packing Machine

Packer pic 1.jpg

Bottle Packing Machine is fully automatic and packs 48 bottles at a time.  Fully adjustable to fit bottle height.

Packer Pic 2.jpg

Bottle Depalletizer

our bottle depalletizer is a custom built in house to work seemlessly with the bottle filler.  It is semi automatic

Depal pic 1.jpg
Depal pic 2.jpg