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Old School Stout - February, 2014

Next up on the menu for Tree Brewing was the Old School Stout. This is the first time we’ve made a stout so I was pretty excited to dive in and start the brewing process and even more eager to taste the dark roasted malt flavors.

We call it Old School because it’s just that- original. It’s our interpretation of the traditional dry stout.  We kept it simple, no hooks like an oatmeal or a milk stout, and sort of floating between a traditional dry stout and an imperial.  The alcohol level of our stout ended up at 5.5%.

Stouts are an interesting beast.  There are so many big and bold roasted malt flavors, and we wanted the color of the liquid to be black as night.  To achieve this we used 6 different malts ranging from pale to roasted barley. 

But along with having a whopping malt body is the old holy grail of a good pint… balanced and drinkable.  This is one of the reasons for using a wide range of malts. To create a smooth, flavorful and full malt profile that balances the roasted notes with the hops and sweetness of the beer.   

Once we separated the grains, tasted and looked at it, it was exactly what we were aiming for.  It took about 6 weeks to get this stout precisely where we wanted it.  We kept this batch a little smaller for the first try, making about 400 cases of bottles to spread around to our faithful consumers.

Look for the Old School Stout in select liquor stores around BC and AB. We hope you enjoy drinking this smooth stout as much as we enjoyed making it.


Dave Gokiert, Brewmaster