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So it’s been about six months.  Time to take a few samples and see how much our beer has ‘learned’ from the whiskey barrels we have been storing it in.

That’s why we call it Serendipity.  We like to think we have a pretty good idea what kind of flavours and aromas the beer is going to soak up after sitting in a whiskey barrel.  Most of the time we are pleasantly surprised.  It’s about finding that balance when the flavours and aromas from the barrel marry so nicely with the beer.  The reward is in the taste.

This is Serendipity No.8, or our 8th kick at the can.  We have tried a variety of our standard beers over the years, even making a special batch here or there for the barrels.  This time around we decided to blend a couple of our liquids and toss them in the barrels together.  To be honest, I wasn’t too sure how these two liquids would work together, but like I said above… I was very pleasantly surprised.

The liquids we used this time was a mix of our Wild Ruby Wheat Ale, and our Black IPA.  Two totally different beers that when combined make a very interesting pint.  The mixture was intriguing and delicious on its own, and I think aging it in whiskey barrels adds a level of complexity that you won’t get any other way.  You just can’t rush those kinds of flavours.  The barrels we use have been used to age Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey for the last few years.  We only use the barrels once, wanting to get the most flavour we can out of them.

So in the last few days we have carefully transferred all of that liquid out of the barrels into one of our tanks.  We brought the CO2 level up to give it a little more life and then straight to the bottle in all of its unfiltered glory.

So that’s Serendipity No.8 in a nutshell. The bottles should be on a truck and delivered to a store near you very soon. We hope you enjoy tasting our Serendipity as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it for you.


Dave Gokiert