Who Are We:

  • Fireweed Brewing Corporation is a privately owned beverage company located in Kelowna BC. Fireweed’s Beer brand (Tree Brewing Co.) is an award winning Brewer of Beer, Cider and refreshment beverages. Tree Brewing is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary milestone in 2016.

  • As a leader in the Craft segment, we’ve often been called upon to help. With the growth of all things ‘craft’ we decided (over a beer of course) that we should start a new venture called Fireweed Craft.

  • The purpose of Fireweed Craft is to help like minded people and enjoy the journey of growing our collective businesses.

Craft Learnings:

  • We know first hand how hard it is to invest, build, brew and sell a consistent high quality alcohol beverage

  • We know that not everything you try will work

  • We know that everything takes longer than you anticipate

  • We provide brewing, packaging, quality control and distribution services

  • We focus on high quality small batch craft beverages

Taking some risks off the table is not a bad thing

Fireweed Craft Service:

1. Craft Brewing

  • 100hl per batch (minimum HL commitments)

2. Craft Packaging:

  • Non returnable 355ml bottles (6 packs in mother cartons)

  • 650ml and 750ml bottles

  • Neck and bottle labelling

  • 355ml, 473ml and 500ml canning (single, 4 pack, 6 pack, 8 pack)

  • 20L, 30L, 50L kegging

3. Craft Quality Assurance:

  • Alcohol

  • IBU

  • Micro testing & plating

  • Yeast

  • Sorbate / Sulphur

  • Sensory

4. Craft distribution / Warehousing:

  • Package and keg delivery within the Okanagan

  • Warehousing

  • Key market warehouse distribution

Fireweed Craft Advantage:

1.No capital required

2.Reduced overheads

3.An award winning team to ensure your brands meet the needs of today’s consumer

4.Access to high quality raw materials

5.Route to market efficiencies


For more information please contact us at info@fireweedcraft.com