Tree Brewing News - March 2017

Because we Can!

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IN 2017, We are making the move to 100% CANS for all of our Year Round and Seasonal brews!  Why?  Over the years, we've come to realize that our customers just prefer their Tree beer in cans! Plus, it's a better vessel for your beer (no light or oxygen) and they are great to take for any occasion. Perfect for the BC lifestyle, and our new cans capture just that; the beauty and naturalness of BC!  Included in the lot making this move to cans is our signature beer, Hophead IPA! Keep watch for this can in coming months! Also getting a makeover is the cans for our ever popular Thirsty Beaver Amber Ale, Kelowna Pilsner and Cutthroat West Coast Ale. Don't worry though, the beer hasn't changed a bit!

As we enter Spring, we are also welcoming back our Summer Season Pass 12can Pack, Dukes Dry Apple Cider and Grapefruit Radler. Keep your eyes peeled starting in April!

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Q & A with : BYROn Jacome


POSITION: Head Brewer

WHERE DID YOU GROW UP?:  I grew up in a small town in Ontario called Georgetown. It's about 45 minutes north west of Toronto. A cool spot to grow up, 45 minutes one way and you are in the downtown core of Canada's largest city, 45 minutes the other and you're in the middle of nowhere.

FAVOURITE BEER:  I gotta say our Cutthroat Pale Ale. Not because we make it (although the fact that it helps support the circle of life doesn't hurt). Great malt body with a beautiful hop aroma and a nice clean hop finish. I drink a lot of new and different stuff but I'm always drinking Cutthroat. If it's on tap, look out... I'm not leaving.

FIRST BEER YOU HAD:  That's a tough one. My Dad being European, alcohol was never a big deal. I do remember he drank craft. Creemore Springs Cream Ale (back when it was made in Creemore) was his favourite. Odds are that was my first beer, but being so close to Guelph he definitely had his fair share of Sleeman's kicking around the garage. Everyone drank Sleeman's; my Dad, uncles, guys at the bike shop, everyone.

FAVOURITE BEER & FOOD PAIRING:  IPA and Indian food. Period. Pilsner and a Blue Jays game is the best pairing, but you can't eat a Blue Jays game.

HOBBIES:  I moved 4000km away from everyone and everything I knew because of the mountains. I love 'em. I try to spend as much time as I can either chasing pow on my snowboard, pinning corners on my mountain bike or simply hiking Knox Mountain before my shift. I am also into design so I spend some of my time making art or custom furniture to proudly display around my house.

IF YOU WERE A TREE, WHAT KIND OF TREE WOULD YOU BE?:  I remember my old man coaching me in hockey on how I always need to keep my feet moving. "If you stop moving your feet, you grow roots and anyone can blow by a tree," he would say. So for me being a tree is inherently bad. My favourite tree however, would be a Birch Tree. When you are in the bush its bark is a great fire starter. I dream of rippin' pow lines under their canopy in Japan one day and I was always fascinated with how the Iroquis and Heron people used to build canoes out of its bark. So cool.

Whats going on At the Beer Institute

Things are always changing at the Beer Institute in Kelowna.  In the last month we tapped an Black IPa, a SMaSH Pale Ale and a Munich Lager, Captivator Doppelbock, and Harry Porter.

Brewmaster Dave is always creating new beers to go on tap at the Beer Institute.  Right now in the tanks he is brewing Oktoberfest, a Bitter, and an Alt Bier.  Keep an eye on the Beer Institute Instagram feed to know when these get tapped.

Be sure to check out our events page to see what is happening today at the Beer Institute.