Serendipity No.8- Whiskey Aged Beer


ser-en-dip-i-ty- Good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries.

Serendipity is our whiskey barrel aged beer, aged in our cellar for over 100 days in whiskey and port barrels. Each brew number discovers new tasting profiles that is reflective of the style of beer used and blending done to each batch of beer. We hope you enjoy our Serendipity series of beers as much as we have enjoyed exploring and pushing the boundaries of beer.

No.8 is a combination of our Wild Ruby Raspberry Ale and our Black IPA. Each product was aged in it's own whiskey barrel for 169 days before it was ready to be transferred into a large tank where the CO2 was added and the two varieties blended nicely together. Each barrel holds 200 litres of liquid. We are producing 166 cases of 12 bottles (1992 bottles approx.) This is much more than we've previously been able to make of the Serendipity but thanks to a couple additional barrels, we are able to produce more so you'll see it in a few more stores around BC!

7.0% Alcohol
650ml Bottles


Previous Serendipity No.'s

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No.6 - Sold Out (November 2012)
No.7 - Sold Out (May 2013)
No.8- Sold Out (March 2014)


Silver Medalist - BC Brewing Awards 2012
Gold Medalist - 2011 Canadian Brewing Awards